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Boys From County Hell (2020)

Boys From County Hell (2020)

American Werewolf in London-like with a little Shaun Of The Dead comedy? Not THAT much, mind you, but still.

The running blood effect in the beginning freaked me out a bit, but how they manage that is one of the good things about this. Props on that. On the props. It's nice to see those intermeshed so well with special effects.

The villain's unfortunately a bit of a disappointment in the end, but I can't say I wasn't expecting him to not be either.

You still appreciate the showdown. It ends in a good way, though maybe not the ideal one. Like... the girl and all? A little ambiguity is a good thing though, even if a Hollywood end would've been nice here. I don't think I'd have rated this lower for it...

Overall this was a creative scary movie in a refreshingly natural; grounded; small-town milieu, with a solid cast, characters with character, and unconventional but highly relevant focus on construction. And economy. And family and all.

You might like this in particular if you too have grown a little tired of the mainstream stuff and big city thrillers; look for something that scales things down in a more personal way.

Nine Mile Hill seems like both the perfect little utopia and a pretty scary place to live...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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