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Breakdown (2020)

Breakdown (2020)

If the world was ending you'd come over right?

What a nice way to start it, and the pandemic intro with a scene of a street in some Asian country full of people with face masks was so suitable too. Professional intro. After that though... it quickly turns into a possibly I Am Legend inspired thing without the budget or cast for it. Just one person the first half of the movie, and just one room. Not much going on.

They borrowed the mannequin thing too, though the part where it actually comes alive was unexpected. Very smooth transition there.

One good jump scare too, a couple encounters and an untimely end...

It gets moody! It's not the most elaborate movie but I did stay till the end, so maybe it was better than I give it credit for.

And they managed well with as little as they had.

I started out expecting more, and started getting disappointed, but left feeling both a little depressed and positively surprised. Gets better and better, though in not a particularly positive way...

 rated 3/5: not bad


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