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Breaking In (2018)

Breaking In (2018)

A mother and her two children drive out to her dad's vacation home to clean it up before the estate is sold.

He's dead.

It'd seem like a pretty normal scenario if it wasn't for the fact that we saw how he died at the start of the movie, and it wasn't from natural causes.

Their getting to the house goes alright, but once they're all settled in a few bad guys show up. The kids get locked in the house with them, the mother outside, and it all turns into a cat and mouse game of who gets who, who's capable of hurting the other the most, and what everyone really wants, so the other side can use that against them.

There's a lot of running, and hiding, and scenes which are almost more horror than thriller, but I feel like somewhere along the line they lose their shit. They stop making sense. The devious criminals no longer make the best decisions, the mother keeps pushing forward more by will than skill, and the kids are there in the sidelines... and of course, all this takes place at night so there's plenty of darkness (not as visually appealing).

It kept me on my toes, so you know it was pretty suspenseful, but it could have held a better red thread, and reasons, and a better mapped-out layout as they all make their way through the house. It's like a maze. And this is a one-location movie after all so the location's a pretty important part. I'd like to give this a four but... more like a three? Yeah. I think so.

Also, just an observation: seems there's more and more movies lately with black people as the protagonists, and white guys as the others. Guess the tides are turning; racial neutrality's going with the times!

 rated 3/5: not bad


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