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Brica F91

I can't find a review of this anywhere, so it's about time I post one. For those new visitors, it's a camera model I bought about a week back, very cheap, plastic, imported. I'd take a picture of it if I could, maybe I should buy another for this sole purpose? I think not. Anyhow, view review below if you're thinking of buying a (the) camera.

Pros: cheap, 9 megapixel, voice recording, video recording, low battery usage, regular AA batteries, big screen, easy menus, easy to customize, macro, various exposure/light settings my last (and to my knowledge - the average) camera didn't (doesn't) have, very small, lights up darker sceneries without need for flash, very lighteight, connects quickly to PC, SD memory card slot in same compartment as battery, starts and shuts down quickly, good preview after snap, no useless fancies

Cons: no photography stabalizer (BIG con), annoying beep sound (can be turned off, but it would be nice with a list of pleasant beep sounds to select from), macro has 15cm limit, unknown lifespan (cheap model, produced in China, very plastic)


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