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Bullet (2014)

Danny Trejo's at it again! I read a topic recently where someone claimed he's one of the most underrated actors ever... and though I cannot agree with that - I think he's turning into one of the most over-rated actors ever - I love his work ethic. The thing about not wanting to do his own stunts was a bit of a disappointment, but the fact that he seems to jump into every role he gets is awesome. I guess he knows he's growing older, that he may not be able to keep dishing it out for that long... or maybe he just wants to have fun (as he said in an interview). Regardless of his reason, I admire that he's still at it; that he just seems to be speeding up with age rather than preparing for retirement.

Bullet is the story of a cop, of a governors daughter and his kid getting kidnapped, a (very psychotic drug-dealing - played by Jonathan Banks) father trying to save his son from lethal injection and eh... a lot of action. It's gritty and intense and at times a bit sloppily acted, and full of stereotypes and clichés - but overall - it's great, great action. Really not much else to say about it.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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