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Bullet Train (2022)

Bullet Train (2022)

We really are our own agents of fate, aren't we?

This reminded me so much of Pulp Fiction. Even the black and white duo. It's very different, of course, but also follows a similarly random strain of events and characters that over the duration of one long-ass train ride slowly get to know each other... and kill each other. It's a train full of assassins, basically, though it all starts with just one briefcase.

I thought Brad Pitt would be the highlight here, but there were so many more! Lemon in particular, he shines. But EVERYONE on the cast list is amazing. The great villain too, played by Michael Shannon - so much better than his role in Die Hard, for example! This one's real. And the filming's surreal. And the action's just another level of both real and random.

The soundtrack's so well-timed and composed too. Elements of Japanese culture are brought in with both utmost care and comedic timing - and let's not even speak about that Fiji water bottle! I mean lets. It was amazing. And the Ryan Reynolds cameo?! I thought the other one would be the big one! It keeps surprising.

There's not a single thing wrong with this movie is there? It's been a while since I gave something a five but... here we go. Feels like this one deserves it. So wholesome. So intricate. So ferocious. It starts calm but it builds up just perfectly, and before you know it the movie's over. Just like a bullet train! What a ride.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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