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Bulletproof (1996)

Bulletproof (1996)

I wasn't expecting much of this movie. What I was expecting was: yet another black and white (as in one black and one white character) cop movie and one more generic attempt at being as racially fair and appealing to a broad mass of movie viewers as possible - there is a stereotype bound to movies like this for a reason, but it turns out it wasn't really like that.

Sandler didn't win me over till the latter half, but he can actually be a pretty convincing actor when he sets his mind to it. So could the other guy btw, though he did get on my nerves a bit with all his accusations. Parts of the movie were a mess, but what set it aside from most of these movies was that they actually mixed some real action in with the sloppy comedy, like people getting shot in their heads and eyeballs. It was a bit more obscene and violent than I'd expected, and I'm not saying that specifically is an appeal that sets this movie apart from others, but it bodes for surprise and variation, which does. It's a pretty basic action movie otherwise; maybe you'll remember it - maybe you won't. It was worth the watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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