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Bumblebee (2018)

Bumblebee (2018)

Earth. 1987. Bumblebee crash-lands on Earth. That yellow Transformer, y'know? My former and possibly reoccurring favorite.

But this movie didn't help.

More on that later.

First though: there's so much fascination with the eighties lately. Why don't we just make it the eighties again? Get the old cars back. The nature. The style of life. The time when everything was easier and better to live in. Though even though they say eighties... it sure doesn't look that way for long. There's not enough of it for it to really feel convincing.

The movie itself is a real love story too, between a girl and an Autobot alien. Like E.T. but with Transformers. Romance for all ages.

It's definitely the most un-adult-oriented part of the franchise so far, and even though Cena's in it, and it has some fun bits, and the transformations are cool as always, it just falls to cliche all too quickly.

I do like Cena, I do, and both Hailee Steinfeld and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. are great too, but the characters and their actions aren't strong enough to make it memorable.

It still is a good movie. A feelgood movie. I almost gave it a four just for the post-credit sequence and feelgood vibe, but it's just not enough, and not all that I expected. An hour with bumblebee without a stinger, and then when he finally gets it back it's all done so quickly.

For the most part of the movie he plays into all types of clumsy cliches instead, and the movie's not nearly as fierce or epic an adventure as it could've been, and yet that's the way they try to make it with all the emotional moments. It doesn't match.

Maybe I'm just getting tired of typical blockbusters, and this is most definitely one of those. Maybe it's the script. Maybe the predictability or lack of memorable moments. Maybe Cena's disappointingly unimportant role. It's definitely not the acting. Or the effects. It's not all bad after all.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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