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Burlesque (2010)

I like musicals, yeah, really, as movies. Across The Universe is a favorite I remember easily, and there are many others. You would think action is my genre of absolute preference since that is what I mostly watch, but maybe that's just because there are so few musicals in movie format. The ones that do exist, with no exceptions that I know of, are all good. Why do I like musicals? Well for starters, I love music, beautiful women & inspiring theatrics, something many normal movies lack large amounts of.

As for this movie, it was great, reminded me of Moulin Rouge, which was great too. I haven't liked Christina Aguilera much earlier. Her songs have been trashy, normal pop, but now, wow, what an amazing voice, and the acting not too bad either.

The story starts out at a cafe. She decides to give up her job and to pursue something else, and when she gets to Burlesque and sees Cher's performance (who owns the place in this movie) she knows what she wants to be. She picks up a tray and starts working as a waitress, temporarily, until the opportunity to stand on stage appears.

Of course the movie is mostly romance and drama and jealousy with really no comedy or action other than when Cher almost breaks a glass window, but still, the performances are great and that's what counts. That's what makes the movie worth watching.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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