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Bury The Hatchet

Bury the hatchet and you won't need to bear its weight.

Say what, I'm quoting myself? Well, I just came up with something inspiring, I Googled it and it looks like I'm the first one to say it. So, there you go. Tis inspired by that classic 'bury the hatchet' saying, IOW = forgive and forget, make peace and hold your enemies close. And at the time of writing it just sounds so damn wise... probably won't in a few days but wth, may as well post it so it's posted.


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  1. Doomroar
    Saturday Apr/26/2014

    Mmm... yeah but what if i need to build a house? or make a path in the mountains, build a torch, get some wood, crave something, or just get a tree down?

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Apr/26/2014

    Then you may need to bear its weight after all! :( Or you could buy a heavily discounted set of power tools!

  3. Doomroar
    Sunday Apr/27/2014

    Chainsaw it is.

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Apr/27/2014

    A handy tool for sawing through chains.

  5. Doomroar
    Sunday Apr/27/2014

    If is sharp enough, sure.

  6. Cyber
    Monday Apr/28/2014

    Or the chains rusted, indeed.

  7. Doomroar
    Tuesday Apr/29/2014

    Is good to have options.

  8. Cyber
    Tuesday Apr/29/2014

    A program without settings is like a sunset without setting.

    It's just very strange.

  9. Doomroar
    Wednesday Apr/30/2014

    What about eclipses? they are strange, yes, but they are also awesome.

  10. Cyber
    Thursday May/1/2014

    Mmm, astronomical events that occur when an astronomical object is temporarily obscured, I'd like to see at least one of those during my lifetime. Live. A big one that really blotches out the sun in sudden darkness, the world covered by the shadow of a planet!

  11. Doomroar
    Friday May/2/2014

    I have missed the opportunity to see a few, and really by this point i don't really care if i get to see them or not XD.

  12. Cyber
    Friday May/2/2014

    Aw man, and I thought you were all about interstellar odysseys and life on other planets and alien worlds and stuff like that? :P There was one not too far away not too long ago... that I missed... full eclipses don't happen that often, I hope I'm at the right place next time.

  13. Doomroar
    Saturday May/3/2014

    Actually they are quite common, just last year we had like 5 with 3 of them taking place in the middle of the sea XD.

  14. Cyber
    Saturday May/3/2014

    Ah, common in strange unreachable locations then? :P I think the last one that was as close as the one I missed over here had been 20 years ago, kinda made it seem like I really should've taken the opportunity!

  15. Doomroar
    Sunday May/4/2014

    Yes XD common in strange unreachable locations haha.

  16. Cyber
    Sunday May/4/2014

    Common in uncommon locations. Word. :)

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