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Campus Confidential (2013)

Campus Confidential (2013)

In Taiwan, in a peaceful city somewhere, there's a pretty girl - prettiest girl in her school actually - who hates geeks.

One night she falls into a dried up lake, a geek falls in after her, and it turns out there's a legend behind the lake that says two who meet when it's dried up are destined to be together!

And so this brilliant love story commences.

It's fun, it's crazy, it serves up the occasional surprise and clever guise on the road to love, involves classes and student elections and fights and what-not, and ends up being one of those happy romantic movies that even a guy like me can like.

I mean even a guy can like. Even a geek. Even a freak. It'll make your heart beat, your laughs seep through your hide and a wide smile light your eyes sometimes. Capeesh?

I gotta watch more like this.

It has some sad moments, but overall it's such a feelgood film, and you can't say the premise isn't creative either.

The fire may look a bit fake, and ditto the lake, but everything else is just straight up great. And the way all those circumstances came about after all... wasn't it fate, after all? Not just the fall by the lake but all.

Have a cake and bawl.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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