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Here's a little thing I've been meaning to post for years now, yet the ideal time for it just never came! It may never though.

Or maybe every moment's an ideal moment for this?

Since this is the world we live in. This is how we shit on bliss.

Capitalism. Or whatever this here is.


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Feb/6/2021

    Lol...this comic is so off base. Capitalism is not hoarding (hedge fund management and hoarding stocks is meta-capitalism at best) but creating jobs and trading goods for a fair price, creating a growing, active market. Here the aristocrat is not even indulging in a corrupt form of neo-capitalism by offering the everyman an interest-laden deal that will put him a lifetime of debt, or even hoarding the bridge making materials for future sale...he literally collapsed the bridge in front of his face lol.

    If this was capitalism, the aristocrat would invest in the land, employ bridge guards, and allow people to cross for a fee. Probably have some charitable groups (the product of a free market) sponsor some 'immigrants' too. In reality you have tax brackets and at minimum aid sent to the other side if they need it and cant cross.

  2. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/6/2021

    Capitalism, as I see it, is exploitation. By definition: an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

    ...and I think the key element there is 'by profit'.

    It seems like a system where at heart it's better to have more than your competitors, and such a system will always benefit those who exploit, versus those who manage their resources a bit more carefully. Maximizing profits seems to be the biggest problem in the world right now, and the easiest way to do so to exploit. Everybody's exploiting everything, and those without scruples take whatever shortcuts they can to get as much as they can before said shortcuts vanish. Hence why the Amazon forest's being continually burned down, why the Taiga's still getting cut down for coal, why the little forests left in China are getting taken down for ditto, why we have huge landfills of battery acid in Africa and mountains of slightly radioactive waste after digging for and processing landmass for uranium/plutonium all over, why the ocean's full of plastic and the air's full of methane and everything's just fucked up.

    I don't see the benefit in an active market and ambition to create more and more jobs. I'd see more reason in creating less, and living off less, and managing what we have instead of focusing on the financial merits of constantly upping our game in regard to how much we can get from this Earth's so finite base of resources.

    Oh wait... should've finished reading the comment before I started writing this. XD You're right though, this isn't illustrative in a realistic way, but I feel like it captures the essence of it. Or rather: the thing that's wrong with capitalism. With badly regulated capitalism at least. Anarchaic capitalism? Is that maybe what we have? A type where you can Find your niche. Exploit it. Make money. And nobody else can do the same after you, since you now have all the resources, or have used all the resources, or have used enough resources that future preconditions for making the same business on said resources is no longer the same. Maybe regulations finally come into play and exploitation of a particular niche is halted. Yet capitalists keep exploiting, and so the rich get richer and the poor stay poor, and they control the legislation so the rich get more, and they go on great vacations while we hoard our chores, and live off of our profits till we board our stores, and they have us in their hands when we can't afford (or ever think to swing) no swords.

    Basically: this image to me illustrates the divide between rich and poor. Between those who take more than they give back, and thus grow rich, and those who try to maintain, and thus don't get anywhere. A circular economy seems in many ways anti-capitalist... but maybe there's a better word for what I conjoin capitalism with. I do see money as the root of all evil though, and capitalism is in that same bucket.

    Somebody ought a make a comic out of ^ too though. A slightly more complex and truthful rendition thereof.

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