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Captive (2023)

Captive (2023)

I did not expect where this one was going! Vampire movies really are coming back in style.

Thought it'd be the typical weed story: Teenagers breaking into an empty house to party. Though how often does this actually happen in the US? Is it actually an accepted custom over there?! Sure seems like it when you see all movies that start out just like this.

The premise itself feels like an inconsistency, and like an all too simple premise, and the special effects blood is not great, but otherwise... it's different. Filmed well. The setting sells, even if the characters come across somewhat mediocre after half-assardly first introductions.

Stragoy... is that a thing? Movie exclusive? I do like a good twist!

Could've done more with the premise but this was not bad.

Refreshingly different.

And I like the style.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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