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Cars 3 (2017)

Cars 3 (2017)

Time for a third and maybe final, long overdue part of the Cars franchise, featuring the present and future life and adventures of Lightning McQueen!

It goes like this: A new breed of race cars are barging onto the scene, and Lightning just can't keep up. He goes soul searching, and ends up at a training facility where he's treated like an old car, but gets to the beach and starts teaching his trainer how to race. That doesn't cut it though, so he goes off searching for Doc Hudson's teacher, but that doesn't help either...

It feels like the characters aren't in character this time around, and it's weird to see Lightning as 'old', especially when he doesn't look the part. Reading a description for this movie I was expecting there might be some technical improvements available to let him boost his game a bit, but the only one they really introduce is a phone.

We never do learn what happened to Doc Hudson either. After the first movie he is suddenly just taken out of the frame - but now he's back! Sort of. In refurbished flashbacks both old and new, and there's an entire veteran crew led by what seems to the same voice actor.

The second movie might have deviated from the path of the original a lot, but even though this one goes back to origins in a way... in a lot of ways actually, I'm not at all happy with the way it goes. In a strange way it feels like it deviates even more than the second - spy stuff or not, and maybe that's because Lightning is no longer the main racer.

Even when Mater was a main focus in the last movie Lightning was still very much a part of the show, and I don't like how they make it seem like the second movie didn't even happen - I mean where is Holley Shiftwell? Mater's dating a truck now? Was that the best after-credit sketch they could do?

And what happened to the revolution of renewable energy that started where the last movie left off? That could've been something to build upon. A good message. A friendly reminder.

I don't like age, I'll admit, but I also don't like the star of the show getting taken out of the picture - and his replacement not getting properly trialed or introduced. The transition is too sudden, and other characters get pushed away. Most of all though I don't like inconsistencies.

The animation's definitely on a whole new level now compared to the previous two. Sceneries in particular sometimes seem so real I wonder if they are... and the movie was intense, but I just can't place it on the same pedestal as the first two. Those were something else.

It's not just about the retirement thing. It's flat. It feels like a forced sequel and an unworthy end, much missing the magic of the earlier two.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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