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Cat Run (2011)

Cat Run (2011)

This one was basically just like the second one, but a little more... normal. It's got that woman from RED too. Or so I thought. Turns out this had Janet McTeer, who played Helen Bingham, while RED had Helen Mirren playing Victoria. Close... I suppose? Onto this movie though.

Scott Mechlowicz doesn't really convince as the main character, though Alphonso McAuley works well as a sidekick. Paz Vega plays the in cover so prevalent but in movie very much missing Cat.

The movie has some entertaining twists, gritty splash screens, a plot just like the second but with a bit more humor to it... though it does have dark moments too. They weave together comedy and serious scenes in a way that doesn't always work, but sometimes they do find a balance.

The special effects are still crap though, the boobs only fill the very first scene - as if to lure you in, and apart from the final showdown it really doesn't have much to offer. It's a decent movie with a cool cover, but nothing really stands out. Except for maybe the skirt scene (not what it sounds like) and limbless man, and I doubt those are the bits the director wants this movie to be remembered by.

Mechlowicz does look a bit like Colin Farrell, but he's not near as dynamic, and the main actress shines with lack of presence. The movie does have potential, but fails to stand out. It's just not enough.

 rated 2/5: decent


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