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Catching Uxie

Out of nowhere, a quick guide on how to catch Uxie on Pokemon Diamond with nothing but a pair of dusk balls! Or rather, how I did it. Tag along if you like!

The levels are totally irrelevant btw, though they might give you a picture of how high a level is required to do a certain amount of damage. This took a few tries, and was much harder than catching Dialga, but on the final and successful run it went like this:

Empoleon, lv60, with Hydro Pump and Cut to cut away some HP.
Goldduck, lv35, with Flash to reduce Uxie's accuracy and hopefully prevent him from knocking out my low-level PKMN below. I flashed Uxie a few times... till he accidentall KO'd Goldduck.
Kricketune, lv30, with Fury Cutter (by mistake! It sped up that last HP reduction a bit though) and Sleep to... you know... and finally:
Sneasel, lv32, with 2x False Swipes to get Uxie's HP down to 1 without him/her/it? fainting.

I then threw one dusk ball. No catch. Uxie woke up. Back to kricketune. Uxie back to sleep. Aaand one more dusk ball. That was it! Piece of cake.

Of course, this entire process is based more on luck than strategy, as the catch rate for Uxie and the other legendaries is incredibly low. I was throwing maybe 40-50 balls of varied sort on each try, till the point where the capture didn't seem financially viable any longer and I restarted from the save. But as it turns out, dusk balls have the highest capture rate of all (just set the NDS time to dusk if you're playing in day), sleep or freeze are the two statuses that increase the capture probability the most of any statuses, and remaining HP is multiplied against something in the catch-rate formula, so the lower the better! Even 2 HP makes a huge difference compared to 1. It's double.

Well, that's it for random PKMN wisdom for now! Onto the league. Onto the temple. Onto... some place other than Sinnoh? If not, onto Pal Park and importing all missing critters from previous games I guess I'll have to play a bit again to attain! And then, onto the next game.


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