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Category 8: The End Is Near (2013)

Category 8: The End Is Near (2013)

A research program abandoned by the best solar physicist when the Pentagon wanted to put it to military use has been resumed by his former deputy. Her incompetence and the Defense secretary's haste cause it to be tested too soon, stirring unprecedented solar flares, ultimately a plasma causing disasters on all continents. Only the genius can think of a way out, only to be victimized by the secretary, who needs to cover up. Even when it turns out the earth's core has stopped spinning, spelling an unimaginable seismic apocalypse, the genius must still evade special forces to stay free and save the world again.

That description says something about the quality of the movie huh?

It's the sequel to this movie, or: mini-series. Two episodes. TV movie. Whatever you wish to call it. Similar to the previous two that I've reviewed it deals with a natural/man-made disaster, and similar to the last two... it was crap. Special effects were... not as crappy as they have been though! That bit was a nice surprise. The final scene in particular was pretty cool.

I didn't recognize any of the crew from the previous, but they were decent, so both cast and production were OK, but it's just not a very compelling story or script. It doesn't have that intricate intrigue or well-kept suspense you need for a good catastrophe movie, just a lot of filler. It's how these series often go, though. So that's that! I think I might be done with this series... of series? Or movies.

Interesting how they went from The End of The World to The End is Near btw. Aren't these supposed to be getting worse and worse?

 rated 2/5: decent


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