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Cats & Dogs (2001)

Cats & Dogs (2001)

Here's a tale of the epic battle that's been waged through the ages. The one between cats and dogs. Man's best friend versus their worst enemy - only they don't even know it! Back in the early days the dog came to rescue man from his feline enslavement, and yet that tale has now been lost to the ages, until one day...

A little puppy comes into the picture. He wants to have an adventure, yet meets a boy. The boy's father is working on a cure for all pet allergies. The father's not spending enough time with the boy. The dog bonds with the boy. Meanwhile there's an evil cat with a silly name scheming things; hoping to foil the plans of said experiment...

It's a fun movie, in part enacted by real animals (that's the impressive part), and in part with puppets/CGI. The special effects haven alas not aged all that well, and the tale seems to be directed at a much younger audience than myself. Though it kept me watching it just didn't feel as captivating as I feel it should have, but overall it wasn't bad. It had some good moments. I'm impressed by how well they managed the concept maybe most of all, with all the moments where the dogs are clearly alive, only their expressions sometimes 'enhanced' with CGI. But sometimes...

I'd like to give this a higher score. Jeff Goldblum was great too. But it the end it just hasn't aged perfectly, and ended up feeling just a little too tittle. Life ain't just but... my score.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

I think I saw this one back in the day btw. Not sure.


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