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Cell (2016)

This was a pretty dark movie. It wasn't directly scary, but creepy. Somber. Dark. A world full of skewed personalities in a parallel dystopia where everyone with a cellphone's the new zombie. It goes from our world to their world in the first five minutes of the movie, from normal to unreal, from the airport to the tunnels to further and further away from the city, and after the initial anarchy you never really know what's going to happen.

John Cusack and Samuel Jackson have the lead roles, and handle them well. The movie's great, and different in the sense that we never figure out who was the real villain, or how everything ended. The one apparent inconsistency at the beginning, the one that cellphone masts would reach you regardless of if you answer your phone or not... that loses meaning later on. It all blurs together, it makes sense, but baffles - not everything is revealed, and I wonder what happened to the others? I wonder what happened.

It's an ending a la Silent Hill, both disappointing but somehow... right. We always knew that was how it'd go, and yet, we hoped it might go differently. And maybe it did? The ones who might give us an answer fade behind a roll of credits.

Refreshingly different watch, though not particularly refreshing.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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