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Cellular (2004)

Cellular (2004)

It's got Jason Statham! Cellular VS Connected 1-0. It's not nearly as entertaining as the Asian reiteration. Cellular VS Connected 1-1. It's not really as dramatic either. Cellular VS Connected 1-2. It improves upon some of the lose-ends you may have noticed in the former... though I can't recall any particular lose end at the time of writing eh... no points. This movie has a sunnier more American atmosphere to it. It has criminals that don't seem so pretentiously evil. It has the old-type of action-comedy soundtrack that fails to build up the suspense as well as the other one. The fight's aren't as exaggerated (though nor are they as awesome), nor are the car chases, and the cop's an old sympathetic, tired, retired kind of cop, not the young, humble hero. The relations between certain key characters are different too (sister and brother become mother and husband), and the woman on the phone isn't quite as charismatic...

Overall, both the original (Cellular) and the reiteration of it (Connected) are really very similar, they even have the credits-in-cellphones thing with suitable expressions to match, but there are certain differences that work in favor of... both. For the fights, for the action; overall intensity of it all, I'd favor the Asian remake, but for some of the atmosphere and character charisma I'd favor the American. But those Asian hills are beautiful, and Connected has Barbie Hsu, the charger saga was hilarious and the car chase awesomely destructive. On the other hand Jason Statham has much more charisma than his Asian counterpart, though some of the other characters are major stereotypes and some twists of the plot all too expected. Cellular VS Connected... conclusively? Connected.

Considering that movie built-upon what this one started, it had all the potential to improve, and it did! Some of it's just different, but for the most part it's better. Don't let that stop you from watching both of them, though! They're both great.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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