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Central Intelligence (2016)

Central Intelligence (2016)

Man this movie was awesome. XD So fun! But I guess all movies are a blast when you watch them on the big screen, with a surrounding group to hype up all comedic moments - much like that at times really annoying background laughter and applause in most soap operas. At the movies though, it is as should be.

Kevin Hart and The Rock team up to play dork and cool dude - CIA agent and accountant. In the trailers The Rock was the nerdy guy, but in the movie those roles switch over pretty quickly... whish is much appreciated. If The Rock didn't play tough at all it might not have worked that well. He does his thing, and Kevin does his, and it's refreshing having both of them do some pretty cool shit, and yet both be dorky in their own ways. it's different from the ice cool/super corny Cube/Kevin combo we've seen before. I wasn't sure if this would be for better or for worse, but it looks like it went for the latter!

You never really know where you have The Rock either - he plays a shady character, and the movie has a few unexpected twists, albeit a pretty cliche ending. It was a refreshing watch though: crazy, creative, and with a good message! On love, friendship, anti-bullying... you know the deal. I mean: Kevin Hart's a big deal. You know? And The Rock's an even bigger one. It has it's flaws (like how bullets never seem to hit - a bit too much censorship on the violence brings down the sense of professionalism) but for the most part: it was awesome. Unexpectedly so, since The Rock didn't seem like The Rock I know.

Though it was a pretty regular recipe for action comedy, with what seems to be like a trendy whiff of party humor mixed in, it surprised. Kinda reminds me of 21 Jump Street. Kinda. I guess everyone's trying to copy that recipe.

Anyway: I'm happy I watched this one at the movies. I seldom do, but it really is a different thing on the big screen. What might have been one in a mass of similar movies turned out to be a much-needed dose of entertainment, laughter and action.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

December, 2016

Central Intelligence (2016)

Second time watching this within a not-too-long span of time, and though I hadn't forgotten enough of the plot to make the surprises surprise again, they still entertained.

I laughed a ton, and yet some moments were more fun than others. Some felt a bit long. I didn't get into the mood of the movie as well as I did last time, but I didn't stumble upon any new flaws either. It's not so intense you laugh all the way through, but it keeps a good pace, and provides some appreciated twists along the way. The Rock & That Little Guy do make a good combo. Good watch, again.

And btw, this movie reminds a lot of 17 Again. I compared this with that in that review, so have a read there if you're interested in similarities.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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