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Check Point (2017)

Check Point (2017)

Port City North Carolina: During a routine camp out, a local vagrant, a former marine discovers plans for an invasion in America. When he tries to notify the local Sheriff...

Well, let's just say that doesn't go the way he hoped.

It takes a while for the movie to get to the point of the description though. Most of the movie's spent on building the main character, and though a lot of great movies spend unfortunately little time on that, this time it feels like a bit too much.

But maybe it's because even the main character doesn't really have any character. Even at the end you really don't know much about him, or feel like he's been properly introduced even with the build-up.

The actors aren't bad (they've got some recognizable names in the cast list), the story's not bad, though it takes a long time for it to build up and is full of loose ends and miscalculations (like the flag scene), the CGI's crap, and the grand finale... leaves a bit to be desired.

It gets better towards the end, but doesn't go all the way there either.

Closure please. A little bit more.

 rated 2/5: decent


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