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Cherry Coke & Keyboard

I just spilled half a can of cherry coke in my keyboard and the buttons seem a bit more sluggish than they used to be, though I suppose I should be happy my keyboard survived at all. :) It makes me wonder if the keyboard would survive a quick fall into a puddle, or a lake, or a journey through the rain, falling into instead of having something fall onto... maybe when I get a new keyboard I'll give it a try and see if this truly is an immortal piece of equipment.

Speaking about keyboards: I've never worn one out. I have a fifteen year old keyboard for my old Mac that still works perfectly. In fact, the older it gets, the easier the buttons get to click. Instead of being worn out by old age it is being perfected into a more efficient clicking machine. The keyboard from my old (though not that old) computer still works. The one that came with the one I'm using now hasn't aged a day in a few years, I keep the old as backup, but I should probably have a backup computer instead. They have a much shorter lifespan.

Still some people seem to find a need to swap keyboards every now and then. Do they accidentally spill some liquid on them every once in a while until they seize to function? Maybe they impulsively break the keyboard across their knee after getting killed in Battlefield? Maybe the keyboard starts looking so dirty they can no longer touch it in fear of the bacterial infestation it's keys have given birth to? IDK, it just seems to me that keyboards don't break, unless they are broken intentionally. Here's to another decade with this one. Banzai.


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  1. S3C
    Monday Dec/5/2016

    hmm...I could go for a Cherry Coke right now...

    that's because Mac hardware is unfortunately vastly superior...let's see, on my old laptop the keys that died over a 9 year period: F5, delete, ~, left ctrl, left. Thankfully no essential keys...just had to remap the keyboard registry so that the home key served as delete and the right click button served as left.

  2. Cyber
    Monday Dec/5/2016

    Yeah me too actually...

    That Mac keyboard I mentioned is indeed vastly superior to all my others, but so far the only thing that's started to wear out on those is the lettering on the keys. Since I wrote this I've actually switched out two pairs... but I still have them lying around. They work fine. No broken keys. Just not as aesthetically appealing.

    I guess laptop keys break easier though? Thinner buttons. Not always possible to just pop off, clean, and pop back on? Oh man, that's some lengths you went to to keep it working. XD A useful map is key, huh? Hope the new one lasts long.

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