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Christmas Carding


Started sketching a little something for a collab yesterday, and thought I'd post some WIP for once. I rarely even post W here, maybe because I so rarely do other than write hmm. I started drawing with a vague idea of an astronaut accidentally planting a flag in some alien monster, and it moved on from there... and I think it turned out pretty good!

You can see my tools of the trade above. Pencil and eraser. Pretty basic.


Behold! That same step from another angle!


Some added detail, like a background solarscape and Alien Hominid.


Aaaand DONE! Complete with stars that'll eventually be shining bright white on a black background. Now I just need to scan it properly and do some digital outlining, coloring, etcetc. Basically all the real work.

I contemplated coloring manually, but currently crappy scanlation possibilities considered it'd probably be better via computer. Plus I don't want to risk ruining the picture, or blurring out all the intricate linear detail these photos don't really convey. A photo may work better than a scan too... I'll keep you posted!


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