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Christmas Crust

Fresh blood pumping through my veins
It keeps me up, it keeps me sane
Fresh blood pumping up again
Spite the volume spit the rain

Fresh vibes filling apartment fumes
I can feel these maddened tunes
Ears are bleeding pain renewed
Sound intense I'm in the mood

Forest running far from me
To the streets I jump and flee
Fly the concrete forth tonight
Bash my head in walls on sight

To the fields, to the sea
Calm me down the ocean breeze
Salt and swift I move my feet
Ground is damp - frost still sleeps

Winter coming, it's here tonight
In the air so clear so blight
My nostrils flare the smoke tuned high
Balloon of ash consumes the sky

When time is right, we live and see
Christmas comes and hope our plea
Vantage was once - so long ago
All we now hope for is softer snow

Hows that? ;)


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