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Christmas In Yakutsk

How they celebrate Christmas in the coldest village on Earth is pretty cool after all. :) As a lot of things are in that village.

Think I'll borrow the burnt wish tradition in particular.

Seems like a way to really solidify the resolution. To truly embody it. Might finally be able to accomplish some real things with that!

Cheers all great peeps over there in sparkly but harsh Siberia.


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  1. biterr
    Wednesday Dec/28/2022

    Little cold

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Dec/28/2022


  3. S3C
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    shorts weather

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    For Wim Hof maybe. XD To be able to some day control bodily functionality to such an extent that'd be possible to try without sustaining serious frostbite... that'd be a dream.

    I don't think my current cold showers are gonna cut it. Need to up cold game.

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