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Cocaine Cowboys 2 - Hustlin' With The Godmother (2008)

Cocaine Cowboys 2 - Hustlin' With The Godmother (2008)

This (probably unplanned) sequel to Cocaine Cowboys focuses mainly on Griselda Blanco, one of the most intriguing people to be mentioned only a little in the prequel, and the 'real nigger' (I'm quoting the movie here) Charles Cosby who decided to get in touch with this mythical lady and was in contact with her, for good or bad, through most of her time in prison. She lived there like a queen, and kept steering her organization from the inside, and eventually she made it out in one piece and stayed that way for quite a few years. She was killed in 2012, but that's after the scope of this movie. Considering her crimes, it's amazing how well a life she made for herself, though at least two of her sons were killed when she was in prison, metaphorically atoning for her sins.

Though this movie had a lot more to say, in extension to the previous one, the first one had a much broader variety of topics. This focuses mainly on Cosby and his gang, and his connections. A couple of people from the previous movie make an additional appearance, but this one feels like it had a much bigger commercial intent than the previous, with the frequent intermissions (it seems it was made for TV), the emphasis on certain key elements in the 'plot', and the focus on one main character rather than on documenting the facts or crimes. It's a much more angled approach.

It does however also delve into the history of Griselda, on how she was raised (how she grew up in the slum, worked as a prostitute for many years, had three husbands killed and eventually embarked to the US and fought off even the Mafia in taking control over the cocaine drug trade), a both sad and intriguing story that almost gives you some compassion for her as a character. Growing up in a place where you are faced with dead people every day; bury parents and friends alike with your bare hands... that's got to leave a mark. That's just a little segment though. Twas not as good as the first, this one, but a good movie nevertheless.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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