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Cocaine Cowboys (2006)

Cocaine Cowboys (2006)

Miami in the eighties was one crazy place. Weed was so cheap they smuggled in tons with each shipment, and plenty of it was getting seized. All of a sudden it wasn't such a lucrative business anymore, but then cocaine came, and suddenly a select few were swimming in money. The Cubans started as middle-men, until the Colombians realized they didn't really need them, they sent over their own crews and what started as business eventually ruptured into gang wars and an era of violence and fear. In Colombia the drug barons lived like kings and were seen as benefactors in the mountain villages, and everybody benefited from the wealth the business brought them. In the US a select few locals became involved in moving the drugs, and dealing, and insane amounts of cash were thrown into circulation. When enforcement finally cracked down, a large part of local economy also collapsed. The movie interviews a co-coordinator, a pilot, a Colombian assassin and a few other people from law enforcement and government agencies, all the while bringing up old video footage and facts in the mix.

It's a raw documentary, and it's great. I'm usually tempted to skim when I'm watching these types of movies (IOW documentaries) but with this I had to resist the urge to re-watch some parts instead. Twas truly intriguing, with a fascinating set of characters on the other side of the mic. Many of the people involved in this era were terrifying; murderous, but the ones they interviewed had a pretty impressive organization; some were pretty (if you disregard the fact that this is all about cocaine, which you know, has the potential to destroy lives and stuff) inspiring people. It reveals a lot, it brings a new perspective to my favorite decade in cinema history. Good shit.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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