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Coco (2017)

Here's a movie about a Mexican boy (Miguel) who loves music, yet whose family want to do (and him to do too) nothing but shoes. He traces the steps of his ancestors back to the famous Ernesto de la Cruz, who ventured off into the world to become a musician - shunned by the family as he abandoned them in favor of his fame and fortune.

As Miguel's parents refuse to understand him he becomes all the more determined to follow in Ernesto's footsteps, so he steals his ancestor's guitar on the Day of the Dead to participate in a music contest and prove his worth, but little does he know stealing from the dead on this day brings him to the world of the dead, where he needs one of his ancestor's blessings to get back.

The dead side of his family also do not share his passion for music, and so he's pitted against time in a raffling adventure of music, and family, and a search for the famous Ernesto de la Cruz to give him his blessing to he can return to the land of the living again - before the sunrise when the bridge between their worlds is closed.

It's a beautiful movie! Wonderfully animated. Uplifting. Emotional. It's everything a Disney movie should be, complete with colorful settings, characters full of life (doesn't seem to matter so much that they're dead) and overall just great vibes all the way through.

It keeps the pace all the way, and though certain moments are a bit predictable that doesn't make it any less worthy. The last moments too... there's so much feeling.

The title might not make much sense at first, but it all ties to one particularly important person, and the fading memories she holds within her heart. I don't know about the two Oscars, but it definitely deserves the high score IMDB gives it! Pixar done did it again.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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