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Cocoon (1985)

Cocoon (1985)

Three old guys in a retirement home stumble upon a pool with some weird rock-like things in it, but they take a swim anyway, and all of a sudden they're feeling younger than ever! But who put those cocoons there (the title's the first spoiler)... and what do they really contain?

It's not so much what's happening to the old guys as what's going to happen with the cocoons, though. It's a movie with an E.T.-like vibe to it, but without the tragedy. It feels refreshingly harmless and adventurous, and deals with the issues of age, religion, and immortality in a light-hearted way... and aliens. The special effects are a bit past their time, but albeit linear and slow - they're not so bad they take away from the quality of the movie.

It's a good flick, with a bit corny characters (as were the times), but also plenty of emotion, and that sensible cinematic sense of an adventure out of the ordinary that only Steven Spielberg seems to have mastered. It's out of this world, yet at the same time down to Earth. Science fiction rooted in a reality we can all relate to. A bit dated, but still great.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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