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Cold Light Of Day (2012)

Cold Light Of Day (2012)

This movie had pain. When the main character returns to the bay to find the boat missing, you can see his despair. The other people at the beach all go about their own business. The cops aren't much help. The American embassy only offers him legal council. When he meets his sister (he didn't even know he had one!) he is a pretty apathetic act, but that's not strange considering he's just been shot and her uncle was just found dead.

It's a gritty action movie, with a lot of chases, a little people getting beat up, and only some real action. The scene where the car flips over and they rotate the camera from the characters perspective to the perspective of someone standing outside the car (and that's not the only time they twist angles like that) almost makes me dizzy, it's like you're in for the ride. It's also one of those thrillers that seems professional from the start. All the actors are good actors, everything seems natural, humans are humans. Animals are... what am I even saying?

The plot? It has many flavors. There's the agency, there's family, there's corrupt agents, there's kidnappers, there's a plot that weaves from one thing to other and uncovers realities that are sometimes harsher than you like. But in the end, it leaves me feeling satisfied. Cause justice prevails? Cause.. Bruce Willis was in the movie? I'm not sure, but it was a good movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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