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Collide (2016)

Collide (2016)

Here's a romantic action movie about a guy who leaves his criminal life for a girl, but goes back for a single heist when it's revealed she desperately needs a kidney transplant and they just don't have the money.

Of course she doesn't want him to, but he does so anyway, and what a mess it all becomes! But it is a pretty romantic thing to do, right?

The story may seem a bit cliche, but they do it right. With lights, and music, and hugs and kisses and vicious chases, crashes and shoot-outs along both highway and picturesque cobblestone village streets (it's a bumpy ride).

Nicholas Hoult plays the lead role for most of the movie, Felicity Jones his girl, and Anthony Hopkins the big bad wolf - with help from Ben Kingsley. They're an appreciated contrast and part of the intrigue. Also big props to Erdal Yildiz as major tough guy, and Ed Wild for some amazing cinematography. They really capture the essence of it all.

Felicity feels somewhat one-sided in their relationship, Nicholas seems to get almost too many lucky escapes, bullets miss with precision sometimes, and Hopkins talks away a bit of his character - but apart from those few things this was great all the way through. Expect nice cars, lots of chase and gritty action sequences... intertwined with bright lights and love you's.

And at least a couple of soon very familiar songs. It all collides.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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