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Colonials (2023)

Colonials (2023)

Interstellar battles on a budget, that's what this is all about! Though really it all takes place on Earth. Almost. Except the parts of it that are green-screened. Or CGI. Heavy. With special effects like it's twenty years back in time more so than the future.

The special effects REALLY aren't anything to top a cake with in this one. When first they stumbled into the open hangar I felt like I was watching a Team Fortress animation - fan-made - and it doesn't get better.

Though the scenes are definitely cool.

They're pompous, they're colorful, they're spacey... but they're also oftentimes empty, and bland, and not that immersive.

But good effects or no they do entertain, and that's what matters no?

I love the enthusiasm the cast has too. And the costume design.

When it's all said and done I definitely enjoyed this, 'good' though maybe you can't call it.

It has a naivete that makes me all warm and fuzzy though. It's like I'm rediscovering the medium somehow, via the passion whomever made this had when they did, and that is cool to see. It's a passion project.

It's also definitely sci-fi. It's creative. It's fun. The occasional comedy and innovation dampen the effects of sub-par visuals.

Seems like they build it up for a potential sequel too, so who knows, there may be more... hope they get a bigger budget with the next one!

 rated 3/5: not bad


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