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Com Puter!

Ever heard of

It's a virtual browser-based OS! A free one, with 500MB storage and a variety of standard apps and games installed and ready to use, in a style that seems familiar both to Windows and Mac, and thus ought be easy to get accustomed to for just about everyone.

I haven't tried running my own stuff, or uploading my own files, or creating an account to keep track of them (you get a guest session created for you when you visit the site without), but first impressions are: I'm impressed.

It seems you can even use it for website-related work. You can publish things, and link to them, and being able to do both that and computing, for free, with seemingly no restrictions at all on bandwidth and use, with an interface as smooth and inviting as this, is pretty dang cool.

And the name! Genius.

I'm not sure for what yet, but I think I might be using this more in the future... the .com Puter.


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