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Coma (1978)

Coma (1978)

Coma is a thriller about a hospital ward where not everything is as it seems. It features that girl from that one Dirty Harry movie, called... Geneviève Bujold (how will I ever remember that name!) and Michael Douglas (I thought I r4ecognized him!). It's a very down-to-Earth thriller, and the way it deals with the hospital feels realistic - the jargon, the procedures, the bodies and blood and all that comes with such an operation. Of course having the movie take place in a hospital makes the thrill all the more perceptible - it's a place where lives should be saved, not the other way around.

Our main character, Ms. Wheeler stumbles upon something she should not have stumbled upon, and all the while she uncovers more and more about the conspiracy she's now involved in - she seems all the more alienated and distanced from the outside world, threatened by those who previously revered and cared for her. It's not always as skillfully scary as it could have been, but it does give the thrill intended, and at the same time it opens up for both truths and possibilities within the current (and even more current at the time this movie came out, I assume) health ward, and what control over life and death they really have. Good watch!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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