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Commando (2013)

Commando (2013)

I thought this'd be just another supercop-type Bollywood movie, but I was wrong. This should be in that 'best Bollywood martial art movies ever' list I was reading earlier. Vidyut Jamwal appears out of nowhere with an 'amalgamation of Kalari, gymnastics, Kung Fu, weapon usage and jiu-jitsu' and shows the world that Bollywood can do martial art movies too! The fighting's great, it's gritty, it's intense: it's awesome.

He plays Karanvir Dogra (I wonder if Indian people ever have trouble remembering these names...), a commando captured by the Chinese government, tortured for a full year, that escapes and ends up in a little village somewhere in India, where he meets a girl who's been chased by an eyeless psycho that's been terrorizing the village for years. They escape into the jungle, fall in love, and things start to get hairy.

It has one of the most romantic dance scenes I've seen, with awing visuals - landscapes and ladies alike - hair playing in the wind like the strands of a brush on a canvas, along with some surprisingly verdant and untouched woodland scenery where a lot of the fighting goes down. And did I mention the fights are awesome? People are flying all over the place. Jumping off things. Doing some pretty fancy acrobatics and stunts. That 'amalgamation of Kalari, gymnastics, Kung Fu, weapon usage and jiu-jitsu' is something to watch out for!

The plot may sound a bit cheesy, and it is, but in the end it still gets a well-deserved...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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