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Computers N Glasses

About a week ago my glasses broke, the ones I use while sitting in front of the computer, to see. I've been dropping them all over the place and carrying them around in a softbox for a couple of years, so it's not strange, but I was still a little shocked when they actually split in two. They broke at a pretty bad place too, just at the edge of the middle bow. I panicked at first, remembering how much they cost (about 1,100 SEK) but then I calmed down and taped them together. Since they broke at such an odd spot it took a lot of duct tape to patch them together, and they still sag at both ends, but that's nothing a little using won't get me ignorant of. I looked around for a new pair, was at the verge of buying one when I decided to try these out instead:

Pinhole Glasses

"What are those?!" you may ask, and the answer is: Pinhole glasses. By teaching your eye to focus on varied points within your periphery you will in time improve your eyesight, instead of each few years needing to upgrade to a new stronger pair of glasses. At least that's what they say about them. The fact that the American government has forbidden anyone to speak positively about this amazing product just increases my hope in it, just imagine what a devastating blow they would deliver to the current eyeglass industry if they worked. They are much much cheaper, and in time, you won't even need them, much less need to buy a new - even more expensive pair. So, I'll be ordering a pair of these and trying them out, if it works, HURRAH! BANZAI! YAHOO! If not, hmm, that day that problem.


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  1. S3C
    Saturday Dec/28/2019

    2019: Have Augmented Reality Glasses (6539 SEK)

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Dec/29/2019

    Wooooah do you really?

    Me, 2099: Still refusing to step into the AR realm, in constant paranoia of nano chips, implants, smart accessories and other forms of tracking and control marketed under the gimmick of good functionality and 'progress' to increasingly maneuver and enslave the masses.

    Well by 2099 we'll probably all be gone already... or have rid ourselves of all these problems. I hope.

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