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Con Air (1997)

Con Air (1997)

Con air is a great movie with body comedy, action and style. It's the story of a young man coming home from the military to meet his loving wife. A bunch of drunk assholes looking for trouble provoke him and he accidentally kills one of them, which sends him to prison for 7 years. During this time his little girl grows up. They exchange letters, presents, and he waits patiently for the day that he will finally get out of prison. When this day finally arrives he is to be transported in the flying prison, Con Air, to meet his wife and daughter.

At about this point 10 minutes of the movie have passed and the real plot develops. What starts as a routine flight doesn't stay a routine flight for long. Nicholas Cage plays the main character, and there are a few other semi-known actors in the movie along with him, all doing a great job. Most of the movie takes place aboard the plane, but far from all of it. There is a lot of variety, a mixture of different personalities, good music, and a simple yet tense plot. I watched this movie yesterday night, and this isn't the first time I see it. Even if you're not a big Nicholas Cage fan, it's great action!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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