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Connected (2008)

Connected (2008)

Connected is a movie told mostly through cellphones, that ironically enough starts with a regular phone. A woman is kidnapped, she's taken to some place in the middle of nowhere, sees a phone, dashes for it - one of the thugs runs in and smashes it, and leaves, and she's left on her own. But, out of one of the broken pieces of that battered phone there comes a sound, the monotone transmission of nothing but white noise, and she manages to piece together the broken parts of the device and call some random stranger (she's good with devices btw - with fixing things, we learn this in the intro).

That random person happens to be Bob, a debt collector on his way to the airport to meet his son, a promise he really doesn't want to break after many earlier broken promises. He originally plans to hang-up on Grace, the potential prank call kidnapping victim, but when the villains return and shoot a guy in front of Grace - the broken pieces of the receiver temporarily hidden beneath a coat - he makes it his mission to help her.

It's an interesting blend of action comedy and real perceivable danger. Those crooks aren't messing around. On the other hand, Bob's messing things up all the time, failing to save one person after the other that the crooks come after - with the intent of threatening Grace to reveal something she doesn't know... and we don't either, until later on. A police officer gets involved in the mess. Bob finds a gun in the glove compartment of his car. He crashes the car and has to 'borrow' another one, and one more, and everything escalates quickly...

It's a pretty unique movie not just because it revolves around the one phone, the connection that cannot be broken, but also because it's based on the American movie Cellular (review coming soon!), whereas recently the other way around has been increasingly common: Asian movies are ported to US audience, and often with bad (well, worse) result.

I can't say if this was better or worse than the original, but it was good, great in fact. A terrorist drama in classic HK style, with gunfights and occasional bursts of martial arteries all mashed together, with a clever plot, and when it's all over: credits rolling on various cellphone screens, prequelled by various regretful/despairing expressions from the movie that makes this, not one of the best movies I've seen, but definitely one with the most entertaining movie credits. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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