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Conspiracy Theory (1997)

Conspiracy Theory (1997)

I never can tell when Mel Gibson's a good actor or when he's just himself, but either he is himself or someone else in this movie - he's doing a good job at it. He plays paranoid, and Julia Roberts plays at first unconvinced and eventually pretty emotionally involved and affected.

The movie features one particularly catchy orchestral crafted melody, great acting, a conspiracy story that makes its own way - it's different, it's hopeless and despairing, it's masterfully filmed - a creative intro featuring various fares and a lot of conspiracy narrative featuring the main character; a New York milieu that feels warm and nostalgic even though I've never been there, but eventually turns to feeling cold and uncomfortable. It has a few chases, a few stealthy gunfights, one sinister interrogation and plenty of tension, but also a lot of calm. I'm watching this and thinking they don't really make movies like this nowadays, or maybe it's just that things looked different back then. Or could it be the complete lack of shaky cam? I've grown to hate that cam. Whatever it is, it looks great; it's a great movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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