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Contract Killers (2008)

Contract Killers (2008)

I was really expecting more from this. The plotline itself wasn't so bad, but the actors were... not perfect. It's like a mash up of different movies, the usual good guys/bad guys/spies, hero(ine) gets frame, tried to sort things out, ends up getting chased around, shot at, almost killed, looses a loved one; gains another. It was an entertaining watch, but it's not a movie I'll remember for a long. Well-filmed, sure, but somehow they didn't make use of their budget in the best way. Emotions are too clear, people frown when they're supposed to, show no emotion, when they're supposed to. I guess that's the difference between a decent movie and a great movie, you can tell that everything's mapped out, but apart from that it's really not bad. I'll give it a...

 rated 2/5: decent


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