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Cook Up A Storm (2017)

Cook Up A Storm (2017)

They sure make cooking look good in movies like this!

Prepare for an Asian cooking competition that's almost more of a magic show than it is culinary. Spectacular cousine and cooking craft a la extraordinaire. Korean VS Chinese, starring Nicholas Tse and Yong-hwa Jung.

What starts as a rivalry and fight between new and traditional, and between the old neighborhood and the expanding city soon turns into friendship, and a fight against a common foe - the God of cookery, played by none other than Anthony Chau-Sang Wong. In the movie he also happens to be the father of the Chinese cook. Big plot batter.

It's all presented in the usual way... if you've seen any of these movies before. Flashy settings, fantastic food and a simple but satisfying story on rivalry and parenting... sort of. Nothing too advanced except for the cooking, which when all is done just makes me want to run down to the kitchen and start chopping onions. Or something. I do love food, and there's no better way to get inspired than with a movie like this.

I like the title too. Witty. They cooked up something good.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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