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Corona, Critters & Working Dreams

Woke up to a critter crawling through the wall.

Maybe it's a mouse. Somehow it's either gotten into our walls, or into the gap between the walls between our house and the neighbors - one of those thin all-encompassing gaps they intentionally leave there in case of fire, though it should be entirely boxed in and inaccessible to outside vermin.

If oxygen seeps through there's not much point. If the fire feeds the fire burns anyway.

Best case scenario it's not actually in the wall at all, but on the outside, and the sound of the critter's quick clapper-riddled climb is transmitted in such a way that it seems to be coming from somewhere else. It could also be that it's in the attic, wrecking havoc among our clothes and empty cardboard boxes.

I'm not sure it was the creature that woke me - I listen curiously now, I sleep under a net so even if it chews a hole in the wall I shan't be directly ridiculed or ravaged - or if it was the sun, shining fiercely through the curtains. Intensity curtails. Summer signs.

Light is the big downside of summer. That wake up early bummer. But if you spend some time outside then you feel pretty fun... err.

So I wake up earlier, and I'm starting to fall asleep earlier too. Though daylight savings are coming soon so these efforts will be moot anyway.

I woke from a strange dream, where I was at work, but then suddenly decided to venture outside, met up with my sister's boyfriend under the train station and talked about music, went to some kiosk and bought something... and when I got back my boss was there and chased me with one of those hand-driven forklifts, eventually just riding around in a circle, asking where I'd been.

He didn't phrase it that way exactly, and wasn't angry per se, just a little mocking. Apparently things had been going down at the place, and I hadn't been there, and it had been my responsibility. I was flabbergasted - for lack of a better word - as I just had no idea something like this could happen. What had happened though I don't really know. I was clueless.

Reading the dream: probably feeling a bit stressed with work lately.

But I woke up feeling alright! Took some vitamins; had a bite. I look outside. I hit some keys. I feel at ease. I almost smile...

Taste-testing coffee yesterday, while the coronavirus plays in jest and fades, it almost seems like all's alright. Anyway. All that's going on is normal life. Yet the trains are somewhat empty. And too: blazing blue the skies.

Sitting by the computer, eating a small breakfast; playing Pokemon while I rise.

And posting this way too late as if I left it up to fate. But still. In the clear. Weekend's here. And in a moment sober: soon it's over.


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