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Countdown (2016)

Countdown (2016)

It's 12 Rounds again, yet with a new lead role, and apart from an embarrassingly badly filmed car chase it wasn't bad. They manage the tension. They manage a few plot twists too, and Glenn Jacobs is just perfect as main police officer. Superintendent? Right title?

Nic Nemeth and Katharine Isabelle do their fair share of bickering and competing for the lead role, with an awkward hug at the end of it all, but overall? Solid. They manage to throw in a little wrestling showcase in the midst of it too, even if they could've done that particular bit a bit better, and the kid at the end looks like he's totally lost. Little things. You want an action thriller a la WWE though here you go.

Honestly feels like they really need some new script writers, but I'm not complaining, just statin'. The action's still good. Emotion too. It is cliche sometimes, but rough enough to make up for it too. Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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