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Croc (2007)

Croc (2007)

Is it comedy? Is it drama? Is it horror? I really have no idea, but it would have been a great movie if it wasn't for the extremely crappily made digital effects. The plot features a wise old croc, filled with rage, migrated to some tropical paradise due to global warming, bent on killing as many innocent humans as possible (well, not all of them innocents, but humans nevertheless). And we all know that when animals (other than humans) mess with humans, they get shot, stabbed, or in one way or another killed. As is probably the case here, or is it? I'm not telling you, wouldn't want to spoil the story for you already. A very realistic plot line indeed though.

Anyhow, the actors are decent, the sounds are good, the scenery is varied, the filming is neatly done. All and all it's a good movie, not above average, nor is it below.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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