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Crossroads In English

Been working on some crossword puzzles as a small project for English class now. If you'd like a challenge click the links below and print them out. I made answer sheets too, for all the desperate crossword puzzle master solver wannabes. :P

If you see any spelling mistakes please tell me before I hand this in tomorrow morning. ;)

UPD: Links outdated; removed, stuff now in stuff.


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  1. Barses
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Crossroads of South Africa; de är inte Wildbeast?? de ska stå

  2. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Nej, Wildebeest stavas det. :P T.o.m. jag stavade fel, lol.

  3. Richy
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    I'm not much for crossword puzzles, looks good though mate! :)

  4. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Thanks. :D

  5. Dave
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    I hate crossword puzzles. :(

  6. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    No Comments. O_o

    Why though?

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