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Cruella (2021)

Cruella (2021)

That dame from the animated Disney classic 101 Dalmatians who didn't like dogs, remember her? This is her story. Her origins, you may say.

I seem to recall she was a little bit older in the animated movie, but age doesn't sell of course...

To sympathize with villains is becoming a thing though!

Seeing them from their other side. Their better side. Acknowledging that the world's not all black and white.

Sometimes it's both. Sometimes it's Cruella!

It's interesting too how they villainize another character instead of her here. This girl becomes a villain to overcome the villain. The Baroness. The one she dreams of being, until she learns the dark truths of the Baroness's past, and Cruella's darker side comes to light, too.

So ultimately I guess they're making Cruella out to not be the villain here, just an unfortunate victim of circumstance - with a traumatic dog experience to boot, and that's why we sympathize?

The CGI with the parachute drop was bad, but apart from that little bit this movie's magic. The burning dress. Fancy glamour show effects. The life and times of the rich and famous, and the very fabric of their luxury.

Emma Stone's the perfect main role too, though in the end... she's not really a villain you can relate to after all, can you?

Because of her trauma maybe we do learn to love her despite the bad, but to relate, that's a different popsicle...

It's refreshing too how differently this one does things though, and how rich everything looks here. It's essentially a fashion show for high-end UK society, I didn't really think I'd be into all that but here I am.

I do love elegance. The old; the better sense. The bold; the letter hence. It's cold, as evidence. Control. Your soul. Who knows? May penance bring. And woe. And the halls of Hell sing sorry. Deliverance. Here goes.

Well! Got me inspired. Momentarily modified my lingo a little too.

Good movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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