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Crystal Hunt (1991)

Crystal Hunt (1991)

Two cops search for a mysterious crystal with healing powers to cure a sick old man. On the trail they come up against a team treasure hunter/smugglers with impressive combat skills and big guns.

This is the one with Michael Woods and the RC car! Confused this one with Holy Virgin VS Evil Dead. Both had a similar theme of mystery/adventure, though this one definitely had a more Indiana Jones-like vibe, and a better cast, but was unfortunately also a bit messy, simple, and unbalanced in progression/production, albeit with some really good locales and characters and moments along the way.

Superintendent Wu doesn't seem to have any power in her attacks. The Michael Woods fight was maybe one of his worse ones. I love the gang overall - the great gathering that they are, and it's an at times adventurous journey but... it feels messy too. So many people are sacrificed for naught, there are loose ends regarding what happened to the intended recipient of the crystal, there's lost potential with some of the characters, it had good things going but unfortunately didn't go all the way.

One thing I do really like though is that they added in the behind-the-scenes bit at the end. I seem to remember hearing that Jackie Chan pretty much started those, and maybe it was around this time that others were starting to follow along? As far as Donnie Yen movies go I think this is the first behind-the-scenes segment I see with him in it, and it makes me appreciate the bike stunt in particular a lot more. It was such a quick thing I didn't realize how impressive it actually was. Looks almost fake. It's not!

Makes you wonder about a lot of the stunts here. Maybe they could've done a better job highlighting the ones that mattered most. But the Donnie and John Salvitti fight by the woodworks: that was a solid one all the way.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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