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Curve (2015)

Curve (2015)

Haven't we had enough hitchhiker thrillers already? Sexy girl on a road in the middle of nowhere movies? Main character in specific location forced to saw off (or somehow distance themselves from) a certain limb to get free? I guess not! I also don't think I've seen the three of these movie types combined before, so that's something.

Certain bits do feel cliche, and the movie doesn't stand out as a movie I'd watch more than once, but that said it was a thriller well-done, and props on an entertainingly multifaceted title. The road. The girl. The ups and downs of life. The turning point. It can mean a whole lot of things!

The actors are good. Psycho vibe. Desperation. Close-up shots and plenty of suspense. It's not amazing, but it puts you in the situation, wedged inside the car, just waiting for salvation... it's pretty intense. The props and filming all look authentic, and props Julianne Hough and Teddy Sears on two main rolls well-done! Unfortunately it goes cliche towards the ending as well, but until then: great watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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