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I spent a couple of couple or couple of hours today (no that's not a typo) fine tuning the CSS, redefining various layout elements such as the sidebar and footer & overall making things a lot nicer... and faster.

While adding a little JS auto-validation script to the comment field I noticed a little spam-block field required to post comments that I haven't even had included in the layout, so if you've been trying to share your opinions in the form of a comment for the past one or two months, whoops, you probably realized it didn't work. The comment form is fixed now though, comments are now numbered, trackbacks and pingbacks are tracked and included, comments by author (me) are styled a bit specially, HTML is no longer allowed, a few limitations have been added to the min/max lengths of certain fields... but on the bright side you'll be notified immediately if you're not doing something right, without needing to reload the page.

I've added a bunch of swift image elements to the layout, but thanks to the new compression they take up less than 5% of what all layout images did earlier. I haven't removed any images, before you ask, FastStone Photo Resizer is highly recommended if you need to save some loading time.

A new stats page is up, with a bunch of, you know, stats. I'll add more to it eventually, don't know about you users but I know it's a page I won't be able to stay away from. :P The Poll Archive has been ported from the old system too, no votes lost in the process. What else? Hover over the header to see red, browse through the menu items and behold the now functional amazing navigation system, read a 'Randomly Wise' quote (randomly generated) and word it, be astonished at the many minor stylish remodulations I won't bother mentioning & finally click on a few links in the sidebar to see that there still are bugs onsite. I'll fix those tomorrow, maybe.


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